The Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, is a typical example of an older local museum with some items of interest to the touring mathematician. I noted the following items:
a 13C steelyard weight and a standard bushel of 1601,
an 18C pocket scales, along with a number of other weights, measures and scales;
a 1719 turret clock, running, and a 1745 town clock;
some ivory chessmen from an 18C shipwreck;
a horary quadrant (15C??);
two straight slide rules, from 1697 and 1820, both for special purposes;
a simple adding machine (British Calculator, Model B, probably early 20C);
some games material (outdoor darts with spherical bodies about 1" across, quoits, dominoes, china bowls, Halma).

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An extract from The Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles created by David Singmaster

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