Honours, etc

Medals, Prizes and other honours

We also have details of more than 90 Mathematical Societies

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Major Prizes

Fields Medal Winners
Nobel Prize Winners
Wolf Prize Winners
The Abel Prize

American Mathematical Society Prizes

AMS Böcher Prize
AMS Cole Prize for algebra
AMS Cole Prize for number theory
AMS Levi L Conant Prize
AMS Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize Prize
AMS Leroy P Steele Prize
AMS Veblen Prize
AMS Norbert Wiener Prize
AMS/SIAM Garrett Birkhoff Prize
AMS Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize

London Mathematical Society Prizes

LMS Berwick Medal
LMS De Morgan Medal
LMS Hirst Prize and Lectureship
LMS Naylor Prize
LMS Senior Whitehead Prize
LMS Whitehead Prize

Royal Society Prizes

Royal Society Copley Medal
Royal Society Royal Medal
Royal Society Sylvester Medal

Royal Statistical Society Prizes

RSS Guy Medal in Gold
RSS Guy Medal in Silver
RSS Guy Medal in Bronze

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Prizes

SIAM Ralph E Kleinman Prize
SIAM George Pólya Prize
SIAM W T and Idalia Reid Prize
SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service
SIAM Theodore von Kármán Prize
SIAM Germund Dahlquist Prize

Japanese Mathematical Society Prizes

MSJ Algebra Prize
MSJ Analysis Prize
MSJ Geometry Prize
MSJ Iyanaga, Spring and Autumn Prizes
MSJ Seki-Takakazu Prize

Other Prizes

American Statistical Association Wilks Award
Australian Mathematical Society Medal
Australian Mathematical Society Szekeres Medal
Canadian Mathematical Society Coxeter-James Prize
Canadian Mathematical Society Jeffery-Williams Prize
Canadian Mathematical Society Krieger-Nelson Prize
Chern Medal
Canadian Number Theory Association Ribenboim Prize
Clay Research Award
DMV Georg Cantor Medal
Dutch MS Brouwer Medal
EMS Whittaker Prize
European Mathematical Society Prizes
ICIAM Collatz Prize
ICIAM Lagrange Prize
ICIAM Maxwell Prize
ICIAM Pioneer Prize
ICIAM Su Buchin Prize
IMU Gauss Prize
IMU Nevanlinna Prize
Herbrand Award
Karp Prize
Mathematical Association of America Chauvenet Prize
NAS AwardApplied Mathematics/Numerical Analysis
NAS Award in Mathematics
Frederic Esser Nemmers Prize
Ostrowski Prize
Pacific Astronomical Society Bruce Medallists
Pythagoras Award
St Petersburg MS Abramov Prize
St Petersburg MS Young Mathematician prize
Alice T Schafer Prize
Rolf Schock Prize
Shaw Prize
Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize
Université Paul Sabatier Fermat Prize

Speakers at Conferences

International Congress of Mathematicians
British Mathematical Colloquium
Groups St Andrews Conference
Groups in Galway


Savilian chairs of Mathematics and Astronomy
Waynflete chair of Pure Mathematics
Lucasian chair of Mathematics
Lowndean chair of Astronomy and Mathematics
Plumian chair of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy

Presidencies, etc

Royal Society Presidents
American MS Presidents
London MS Presidents
London MS Presidential addresses
Edinburgh MS Presidents
Edinburgh MS Honorary Treasurers
Edinburgh MS Honorary Secretaries
Swiss MS Presidents


AMS Colloquium Lecturers
AMS Gibbs Lectures

Royal Society Bakerian Lecturers
Chern Visiting Professorship
MAA Hedrick Lecturers
Australian Mathematical Society Mahler Lecturership
AWM-SIAM Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture
SIAM John von Neumann Lecture
Copson Lectures

Fellowships, etc

Royal Society Fellows
Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellows
Edinburgh MS Honorary Fellows
London MS Honorary Members
RSS Honorary Fellows
DMV Honorary Members
St Petersburg MS Honorary Members

Other honours

Paris street names
Commemorated on the Eiffel Tower

Lunar features
Planetary features

Biography in Aubrey's Brief Lives

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