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There are 58 new or expanded articles on Mathematical Societies

We now have details of 157 Mathematical Societies. The full list is at THIS LINK.

Allahabad Mathematical Society
Argentina Mathematical Union
Armenian Mathematical Union
Australian Mathematical Society
Austrian Mathematical Society
Brazilian Mathematical Society
Canadian Mathematical Society
Chilean Mathematical Society
Colombian Mathematical Society
Croatian Mathematical Society
Cyprus Mathematical Society
Estonian Statistical Society
European Women in Mathematics
Finnish Statistical Society
French Statistical Society
Georgian Mathematical Union
Hamburg Mathematical Society
Hong Kong Mathematical Society
Icelandic Mathematical Society
Indian Mathematical Society
Indonesian Mathematical Society
International Society for Mathematical Sciences
Iranian Mathematical Society
Irish Mathematical Society
Israel Mathematical Union
Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics
Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences
Kosovar Mathematical Society
Luxembourg Mathematical Society
Malaysian Mathematical Society
Mexican Mathematical Society
Montenegran Society of Mathematicians and Physicists
Nepal Mathematical Society
New Zealand Mathematical Society
Norwegian Statistical Association
Pakistan Mathematical Society
Paris Statistical Society
Philippines Mathematical Society
Quaternion Association
Ramanujan Mathematical Society
Serbian Society of Mathematicians and Physicists
Serbian Mathematical Society
Singapore Mathematical Society
Slovak Union of Mathematicians and Physicists
South-Eastern Europe Mathematical Society
South African Mathematical Society
Southeast Asian Mathematical Society
Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics
Spanish Statistics and Operations Research Society
Statistics and its Uses Association
Swedish Mathematical Society
Trinity College Dublin
Tokyo Mathematical Association
Trinity Mathematical Society (Cambridge)
Turkish Mathematical Society
Turkish Association of Women in Mathematics
Vietnamese Mathematical Society
Women in Mathematics Association

There are 23 new articles on Honours and Prizes.

We now have details of 145 prizes, medals, honours, etc. The full list is at THIS LINK.

Anna and Lajos Erdős Prize
Antonio Valle Award
ANZIAM medal
Autumn Prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan
SeMA Award
Joan and Joseph Birman Prize
Henry George Forder Lectures
Austrian Mathematical Society Förderungspreis
Gavin Brown Prize
Haim Nessyahu Prize
J H Michell Medal
Jose Celestino Mutis Prize
Lectures to the Mathematical Society of Vienna
Levitzky Prize in Algebra
Ruth I Michler Memorial Prize
New Zealand Mathematics Society Research Award
Premio Nacional de Matemáticas
Microsoft Research Prize in Algebra and Number Theory
Sadosky Prize in Analysis
Alice T Schafer Prize
Spring Prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan
Sverdrup Prize
Swedish Mathematical Society Wallenberg Prize

There are 41 Short biographical articles

Ásgeirsson, Leifur
Bruun, Otto
Dajono, Slamet
Daníelsson, Ólafur
Escobar, José Fernando
Escherich, Gustav von
Federici, Carlo
Fry, Matthew Wyatt Joseph
Gashi, Qëndrim
Gokieli, Levan Petrovich
Gándara, Alfonso Nápoles
Harmaja, Leo
Haxhibeqiri, Qamil
Heins, Valentin
Helgason, Sigurður
Horváth, János
Jacimovic, Milojica
Kharadze, Archil Kirillovich
Khvedelidze, Boris Vladimirovich
Kupradze, Viktor Dmitrievich
Macfarlane, Alexander
Magnaradze, Levan G
Meissner, Heinrich
Michler, Ruth I
Müller, Emil
Mushtaq, Qaiser
Mutis, José Celestino
México, Sotero Prieto Rodríguez
Nessyahu, Haim
Pejovic, Tadija
Pier, Jean-Paul
Prasad, Badri Nath
Rowe, Charles Henry
Sadosky, Cora Susana
Shimizu, Tatsujiro
Sverdrup, Erling
Tụy, Hoàng
Thiêm, Lê Văn
Tiit, Ene-Margit
Walton, Ernest Thomas
Wong, Yung-Chow

We have one new biography.

Singh, Udita Narayana

There are 20 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the entry on the left.

BolyaiJanos Bolyai's birth house and original grave
Chilean Mathematical Society Mathematics in Chile, a half-century of steady development
Croatian Mathematical SocietySplitting the Croatian Society of Mathematicians and Physicists in two
ErdősPaul Erdős: How I became a mathematician and a world traveller
Estonian Statistical Society Experiences in Publishing a Statistics Journal in Estonia
FarkasJanos Bolyai's birth house and original grave
Finnish Statistical SocietyBoard of the Finnish Statistical Society
French Statistical Society The roots of the French Statistical Society - Introduction
French Statistical SocietyThe Statistical Society of Paris
French Statistical SocietyThe Association for Statistics and its Uses
French Statistical SocietyThe French Statistical Society
French Statistical SocietyThe French Statistical Society - References
Hong Kong Mathematical SocietyYung-Chow Wong, My early life 1913-1948
Indian Mathematical Society Founding the Indian Mathematical Society
Japanese Mathematical SocietyMathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute
Quaternion SocietyP Molenbroek and S Kimura: Notice in Nature
Quaternion Society P Molenbroek and S Kimura: Notice in Science
Quaternion SocietyPresident's address to the Quaternion Society
U N SinghUdita Narayana Singh: His life and Work
SE Asian Mathematical SocietyBackground to mathematical development in Southeast Asia
Swedish Mathematical SocietyPresident Klas Markström on the SMS

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