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  1. Eduard Wiltheiss biography
  2. Albert Wangerin biography
  3. Georg Cantor biography
  4. Harry Schmidt biography
  5. August Gutzmer biography
  6. Ott-Heinrich Keller biography
  7. Eduard Heine biography
  8. Felix Bernstein biography
  9. Andor Kertész biography
  10. Hans Schubert biography
  11. Horst Sachs biography
  12. Johann Friedrich Pfaff biography
  13. Eugen Netto biography
  14. Heinrich Jung biography
  15. Hermann Hankel biography
  16. Wenceslaus Johann Gustav Karsten biography
  17. Johann Segner biography
  18. Karl Dörge biography
  19. Georg Klügel biography
  20. Wilhelm Weber biography
  21. Paul Stäckel biography
  22. Heinrich Scherk biography
  23. Gustav Roch biography
  24. Ferdinand Joachimsthal biography
  25. Carl Johannes Thomae biography
  26. Reinhold Baer biography
  27. Frieda Nugel biography
  28. Karl Mollweide biography
  29. Friedrich Karl Schmidt biography
  30. Carl Neumann biography
  31. Helmut Hasse biography
  32. Hermann Wiener biography
  33. Julius Plücker biography
  34. Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr biography
  35. Ferdinand Minding biography
  36. Martin Eichler biography
  37. Karl Heun biography
  38. Claude Berge biography
  39. David Eisenbud biography
  40. Ernst Meissel biography
  41. Hermann Schwarz biography
  42. Ernst Steinitz biography
  43. Franz Mertens biography
  44. August Möbius biography
  45. Gino Loria biography
  46. James Wiegold biography
  47. Pavel Aleksandrov biography
  48. Julius Weingarten biography
  49. Leopold Kronecker biography
  50. Niels Norlund biography
  51. Erich Bessel-Hagen biography
  52. Hermann Schubert biography
  53. Gustav Hertz biography
  54. Rudolf Clausius biography
  55. Max Zorn biography
  56. Otto Hesse biography
  57. Hans-Jürgen Hoehnke biography
  58. Ernst Zermelo biography
  59. Johann Bernoulli biography
  60. Constantin Le Paige biography
  61. Ernst Witt biography
  62. Arnold Scholz biography
  63. Hermann Grassmann biography
  64. Ilya Vekua biography
  65. Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich biography
  66. Hans Fitting biography
  67. Philipp Furtwängler biography
  68. Hans Reichardt biography
  69. Gottfried Köthe biography
  70. Paul Bachmann biography
  71. Gustav Doetsch biography
  72. William Threlfall biography
  73. Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirnhaus biography
  74. Eduard Kummer biography
  75. Zyoiti Suetuna biography

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  3. German Mathematical Society
  4. Berlin Academy of Science
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  4. References for August Gutzmer
  5. References for René Descartes
  6. References for Wenceslaus Johann Gustav Karsten
  7. References for Eduard Wiltheiss
  8. References for Hermann Wiener
  9. References for Albert Wangerin
  10. References for Christiaan Huygens
  11. References for Wolfgang Pauli
  12. References for Eduard Heine

Additional material

  1. Publications of Albert Wangerin
  2. Footnote 3
  3. Friedrich Hirzebruch addresses the 1998 ICM
  4. Publications of Eduard Heine
  5. Noether's students
  6. William and Grace Young: 'Sets of Points
  7. Heinrich Tietze on Numbers, Part 2
  8. Eulogy to Euler by Fuss


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