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  1. João Delgado biography
  2. Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich biography
  3. Giuseppe Biancani biography
  4. Paul Guldin biography
  5. Giovanni Battista Riccioli biography
  6. Christoph Scheiner biography
  7. Vincenzo Riccati biography
  8. Honoré Fabri biography
  9. Claude Dechales biography
  10. Alberto Dou biography
  11. Giovanni Saccheri biography
  12. Mei Juecheng biography
  13. Monteiro da Rocha biography
  14. Jan-Karel della Faille biography
  15. Gianfrancesco Malfatti biography
  16. Francesco Grimaldi biography
  17. Andrea Tacquet biography
  18. Gregory of Saint-Vincent biography
  19. Jean Picard biography
  20. Jérôme Lalande biography
  21. Antoine Arnauld biography
  22. Mei Wending biography
  23. Tommaso Ceva biography
  24. Jacques de Billy biography
  25. Xu Guang-qi biography
  26. Christopher Clavius biography
  27. Evangelista Torricelli biography
  28. Annibale Giordano biography
  29. Pierre Gassendi biography
  30. Nicola Fergola biography
  31. Claude Gaspar Bachet biography
  32. Galileo Galilei biography
  33. Juan Caramuel biography
  34. Vincenzo Flauti biography
  35. Matteo Ricci biography
  36. Eustachio Manfredi biography
  37. Francesco Maurolico biography
  38. Louis Castel biography
  39. Daniel O'Connell biography
  40. Bernard Lamy biography
  41. Jean-Charles de Borda biography
  42. Paolo Frisi biography
  43. Charles Bossut biography
  44. Georg Simon Ohm biography
  45. Guido Grandi biography
  46. Guarino Guarini biography
  47. Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Delambre biography
  48. Giovanni Ceva biography
  49. Siguenza y Gongora biography
  50. Étienne Montucla biography
  51. Augustin-Louis Cauchy biography
  52. Georg Vega biography
  53. Adrien Auzout biography
  54. Gabriele Manfredi biography
  55. Giovanni Cassini biography
  56. Charles De la Vallée Poussin biography
  57. Morgan Crofton biography
  58. Jacob Gool biography
  59. Thomas Fantet de Lagny biography
  60. Pierre Varignon biography
  61. Lejeune Dirichlet biography
  62. René Eugène Gateaux biography
  63. Jean d'Alembert biography
  64. Paul Butzer biography
  65. Antoine Deparcieux biography
  66. Marin Mersenne biography
  67. Adriaan van Roomen biography
  68. Luca Valerio biography
  69. Victor Puiseux biography
  70. Benjamin Bramer biography
  71. Elwin Christoffel biography
  72. Isaac Newton biography
  73. Ruan Yuan biography
  74. Arthur Conway biography
  75. Vincenzo Viviani biography
  76. Constantin Le Paige biography
  77. Robert Boyle biography
  78. Bernard de Fontenelle biography
  79. Julius Plücker biography
  80. Charles-Marie de La Condamine biography
  81. Naonobu Ajima biography
  82. Jacopo Riccati biography
  83. Blaise Pascal biography
  84. Christiaan Huygens biography
  85. Anastácio da Cunha biography
  86. Michelangelo Ricci biography
  87. Marquis de Condorcet biography
  88. Pierre Méchain biography
  89. Georges Buffon biography
  90. Marino Ghetaldi biography
  91. Pietro Paoli biography
  92. Albert Châtelet biography
  93. Ernest Vessiot biography
  94. Nicole-Reine Etable de Labrière biography
  95. Giambattista della Porta biography
  96. Émile Mathieu biography
  97. Bhama Srinivasan biography
  98. René Descartes biography
  99. Louis Antoine biography

History Topics

  1. Science in the 17th century
  2. ETH history
  3. Science in the 17th century references
  4. Science in the 17th century references
  5. Infinity
  6. Newton poetry

Societies etc

  1. Barcelona Academy of Sciences
  2. Slovenian Academy of Sciences
  3. Italian Academy of Sciences
  4. Lithuanian Academy of Sciences


  1. Jose Celestino Mutis Prize


  1. References for João Delgado
  2. References for Christoph Scheiner
  3. References for Giovanni Battista Riccioli
  4. References for Honoré Fabri
  5. References for Matteo Ricci
  6. References for Galileo Galilei
  7. References for Alberto Dou
  8. References for René Descartes
  9. References for Paul Guldin
  10. References for Andrea Tacquet
  11. References for Claude Dechales
  12. References for Christopher Clavius
  13. References for Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
  14. References for Mei Juecheng
  15. References for Giuseppe Biancani
  16. References for Tycho Brahe
  17. References for Jan-Karel della Faille
  18. References for Francesco Grimaldi
  19. References for Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich
  20. References for Monteiro da Rocha
  21. References for Isaac Newton
  22. References for Jacques Le Tenneur
  23. References for Francesco Maurolico

Additional material

  1. De Coste on Mersenne
  2. Carolino on Delgado
  3. Walk Around Paris
  4. Who was who 1852
  5. Teixeira on Rocha
  6. John Walsh's delusions
  7. Harriot and binary numbers
  8. Weil on history
  9. Collins writes about himself
  10. Valdivia aspects of maths


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