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  1. Airy biography
  2. Lighthill biography
  3. Waring biography
  4. Colson biography
  5. Saunderson biography
  6. Newton biography
  7. Dirac biography
  8. Stokes biography
  9. Larmor biography
  10. Barrow biography
  11. Hawking biography
  12. Woodhouse biography
  13. Whiston biography
  14. Babbage biography
  15. Poster of Airy
  16. OBrien biography
  17. Wilson John biography
  18. Whiteside biography
  19. Sluze biography
  20. Poster of Airy
  21. Rayleigh biography
  22. Poster of Whiston
  23. Poster of Whiston

History Topics

  1. Longitude2

Famous Curves

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Societies etc

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  1. References for Colson
  2. References for Saunderson

Additional material

  1. John Maynard Keynes: 'Newton, the Man
  2. Smith Autograph Papers
  3. Collins meets Newton
  4. The Tercentenary of the birth of James Gregory


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  1. Chronology for 1650 to 1675
  2. Mathematical Chronology

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