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  1. Thomas Bayes biography
  2. Cuthbert Tunstall biography
  3. Nevil Maskelyne biography
  4. Francesco Faà di Bruno biography
  5. Roger Cotes biography
  6. Donald Eperson biography
  7. Matthew O'Brien biography
  8. Michael Stifel biography
  9. George Peacock biography
  10. James Bradley biography
  11. William Whewell biography
  12. John Polkinghorne biography
  13. Magnus Wenninger biography
  14. Giovanni Battista Riccioli biography
  15. John Venn biography
  16. Michelangelo Ricci biography
  17. James Booth biography
  18. George Berkeley biography
  19. John Brinkley biography
  20. Honoré Fabri biography
  21. Robert Haldane biography
  22. Matteo Ricci biography
  23. James McConnell biography
  24. Henry Watson biography
  25. John Colenso biography
  26. George Salmon biography
  27. Johann Werner biography
  28. John Pell biography
  29. Andrea Tacquet biography
  30. Morgan Crofton biography
  31. Lois Griffiths biography
  32. François-Joseph Servois biography
  33. Robert Murphy biography
  34. Francesco Maurolico biography
  35. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson biography
  36. Ernest William Barnes biography
  37. Georges Lemaître biography
  38. Hermann Grassmann biography
  39. Edwin Abbott Abbott biography
  40. Charles de Bouvelles biography
  41. William Whiston biography
  42. John Wallis biography
  43. Hugh MacColl biography
  44. Pietro Mengoli biography
  45. Ismael Boulliau biography
  46. Charles René Reyneau biography
  47. George Temple biography
  48. Mary Everest Boole biography
  49. Edmund Gunter biography
  50. Norman Ferrers biography
  51. Giovanni Fagnano biography
  52. Nicholas Kryffs biography
  53. Robert Anstice biography
  54. William of Ockham biography
  55. Jacques de Billy biography
  56. John Playfair biography
  57. Iain Adamson biography
  58. Pietro Abbati Marescotti biography
  59. Philip Kelland biography
  60. William Oughtred biography
  61. John Leslie biography
  62. Doris Schattschneider biography
  63. Charles Hughes Terrot biography
  64. Frank Jackson biography
  65. Paolo Frisi biography
  66. Bernard Lamy biography
  67. Karl Dörge biography
  68. Paul Bachmann biography
  69. Zhao Youqin biography
  70. Alberto Dou biography
  71. Paul Guldin biography
  72. John Flamsteed biography
  73. Gerbert of Aurillac biography
  74. John West biography
  75. Giovanni Saccheri biography
  76. Samuel Haughton biography
  77. Christoph Scheiner biography
  78. Hemchandra biography
  79. Christopher Clavius biography
  80. Antoine Arnauld biography
  81. Seth Ward biography
  82. Gregory of Saint-Vincent biography
  83. Johannes Kepler biography
  84. Nicolas Malebranche biography
  85. John Bell biography
  86. Francesco Grimaldi biography
  87. Marin Mersenne biography
  88. Alfred Young biography
  89. Adriaan van Roomen biography
  90. Richard Price biography
  91. Giordano Bruno biography
  92. Pierre Gassendi biography
  93. Lorenzo Mascheroni biography
  94. Daniel O'Connell biography
  95. Bartholomew Lloyd biography
  96. Bernard Bolzano biography

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Societies etc

  1. Croatian Academy of Sciences
  2. Italian Academy of Sciences
  3. Pontifical Academy of Sciences


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Additional material

  1. Gregory's father
  2. John Maynard Keynes: 'Newton, the Man
  3. Valdivia Infinity
  4. Dahlin Extracts
  5. Journal of the Statistical Society of London
  6. George Salmon: from mathematics to theology
  7. A N Whitehead: 'Autobiographical Notes


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Famous Curves

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EMS Archive

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Gazetteer of the British Isles

  1. Oxford individuals
  2. Cambridge Individuals
  3. Dublin

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