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Chrystal's address to the First Ordinary meeting

The Fifth EMS Session

The 50th anniversary of the EMS

The first 100 years of the EMS
(An article by Rankin: 1983)

Muir's article on research in Scotland
(EMS Presidential address: 1884)

Gibson's History of Scottish Mathematics
(Opening paper in the EMS Proceedings
Series 2: 1927)

School mathematics for the prospective honours graduate

The teaching of advanced mathematics in schools

LMS Newsletter article

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EMS 125th Anniversary:      Meeting          Dinner

EMS lecturers from 1883 to 2016

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The members of the EMS in 1929

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The 1913 EMS Colloquium

Press reports of the 1913 Colloquium

The Napier Tercentenary: 1914

The 1914 EMS Colloquium

Colloquia at St Andrews

The 1926 EMS Colloquium

The 1930 EMS Colloquium

The 1934 EMS Colloquium

The 1938 EMS Colloquium

An Index of St Andrews Colloquium photographs is at THIS LINK
Scotland in 1883
Scotland and the EMS

The founding of the ancient universities

Mathematics at Aberdeen

Mathematics at Edinburgh

Mathematics at Glasgow

Mathematics at St Andrews

The minutes of the first fifty sessions of the Society's meetings are available at THIS LINK either as Web-pages or as pdf files and may be searched using the field below.

The Society celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2008. Here is the poster advertising that.

Click on the picture to see a larger version

A version of the booklet produced for the 125th Anniversary is at THIS LINK.

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