TikZ reference card
[ version 0.4.2 (2016-04-15) ]
For printing on A4 paper; coloured.
For printing on A4 paper; greyscale.

BY-NC-SA This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution–Non-Commercial–ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.


This is a reference card for the TikZ graphics language. It was created for the author’s own use, and its utility for others doubtless ranges from little to none. The intention was mainly to fit as much information as possible about TikZ syntax into two sides of A4 paper. There is little explanation of the meaning of commands and keys; rather, it serves only as a reminder of their precise forms. In general, the colour scheme follows the TikZ manual.

The author has no connection with the TikZ developers and the card has no ‘official’ status.

Please send any corrections to the email address on the card. However, there is no intention to make major changes or additions.


The card is set in Minion Pro (for roman and italic text), Minion Math (for mathematical symbols), and Inconsolata (for fixed-width text). TikZ itself was used to produce the grid layout and arrows.