‘For a few elements more: A survey of finite Rees index’
[with V. Maltcev]
Technical report. July 2013.
arXiv: 1307.8259.


This paper makes a comprehensive survey of results relating to finite Rees index for semigroups. In particular, we survey of the state of knowledge on whether various finiteness properties (such as finite generation, finite presentability, automaticity, and hopficity) are inherited by finite Rees index subsemigroups and extensions. We survey other properties that are invariant under passing to finite Rees index subsemigroups and extensions, such as the cofinality and number of ends. We prove some new results: inheritance of word-hyperbolicity by finite Rees index subsemigroups, and inheritance of (geometric) hyperbolicity by finite Rees index extensions and subsemigroups within the class of monoids of finite geometric type. We also give some improved counterexamples. All the results are summarized in a table.